Current News

26 June 2011

Some filming completed!

Theater segments for episodes 4 and 5 are complete! Despite the new faces, things went very well and we wrapped up two full episodes. We have a planned film date for Deep 13b in July, and if we can keep things moving we’ll try and get the SOL wrapped up in August.

28 December 2010

Great news for Starcrash fans

What's that you say? Starcrash didn't have enough Stella Star for you? Well, are you ever in luck! Thanks to the fine people at CreateSpace, you can now read all about the further adventures of Stella Star in Curved Space - The Adventures of Stella Star. I know, I know -- you're having a hard time believing your luck right now. Sit down, catch your breath, and whip out that credit card! You know you want it!

13 December 2010

More news, at long last!

Production is moving ahead! We’ve filmed some small green screen segments, as well as some audio voiceovers. We’re in final rehearsals for the theater segments, and we hope to have those completed in the next 2 months. There’s still a mess of props and costumes to finish, but we hope to keep the momentum going and have the host segments not far behind.

14 May 2010

Incremental progress continues apace!

The scripts for episodes 4 and 5 are done, both the theater segments and the host segments. Work has begun on the building of props, and we've found a fantastic place to shoot when the time comes. And come that time shall, believe you me!

And here's a heapin' helping of even better news for your eager eyes! Now you can view our first three episodes courtesy of

27 April 2009

We may be back, but we’re a little slow

Work on our follow-up episodes has been slow, and things haven’t been helped by the loss of three of our key players: Adam and Beth Riggs, and Brian Underwood. Ouch! We’re currently hunting for a replacement Dr Forrester, Frank, and voice of Servo.

Episode 4 is essentially in the bag, with some tweaking still to do, and we’ve begun work on episode 5. What’s episode 5? We’re breaking tradition and doing an all shorts episode. Should be fun!

It’s been our plan to film episodes 4 and 5 back-to-back, and I’m happy to state that we have two theater passes on episode 5, and the host segments are half written. Something else we’re seeking is writers, so drop us a line!

17 Oct 2007

We're Baaaaaack!

Well, kinda. There’s a lot that must be done, but we are attempting to produce two more episodes. Episode 4 will be Eliminators. This film has everything a movie from the 80’s has to offer, except breakdancing. But despite its numerous qualifications to be our 4th production, some good can be said of it:

  • There was never a sequel
  • It didn’t spawn a TV series

I can’t think of much else to say in a positive light. We’re currently writing the theater drafts. Expect to see this little gem in late 2008.

11 Nov 2003

Episode 3 Photos Posted

'Nuff said... check out our somewhat lickable photos from the filming of episode 3.

25 Oct 2003

Website Revamp; Episode 3 Details Posted

It's been long overdue... the website is retaining much of its "classic" layout, but with a new, smoother sheen. It's based primarily on CSS now that so many more browsers support it; file structure has been cleaned up a bit; and repeated elements have been made into Javascript includes as a convenience for our beleagured web staff. Oh yes, the full writeup of Episode 3 is now available as well. And of course, the glowing spirits of Crow and Servo now menacingly stand vigil over the homepage like the ghosts of Bob and Jacob Marley.

Our ultimate goal is for you to find the new site "lickable". If this presents too great a hygienic challenge, we'll at least settle for an approving sniff.

23 Aug 2003

Episode 3 Complete

After two long years since we started pre-production, Starcrash, our third episode, is finally complete and watchable! It premiered in a top-secret Oakland home theater hideaway to an enthusiastic crowd. Reviews so far indicate that this is our best effort to date, or at least somewhere in the top three.

Read all about it in the Episode Guide.

15 Jun 2003

"Starcrash" Teaser Trailer Posted

Editing is going fairly well; there's still a mountain of it to do, but virtually every spare CPU cycle of Brian's laptop is being devoted to rendering clips, so it looks like we'll be able to premiere F03 sometime in August. To whet your appetite in the meantime, we've posted a teaser trailer (2.6MB, requires Quicktime 6).

29 Mar 2003

Third Episode in Post-Production

Wow, has it really been 19 months since we had news on the site? Well, we've been busy. About 13 of those months were spent writing for episode 3 (with occasional breaks for weddings, day jobs, and the like). We got a new studio, which functions as a living room whenever we're not using it. The theater segments were filmed in one weekend in August 2002, and all the host segments -- both Satellite of Love and Deep 13 -- were shot in one jam-packed weekend in December 2002. The latter was a significantly tighter shooting schedule than we've ever done before, but we pulled it off, and episode 3 looks to be another good one.

All that's left to do is post-production, which should only require about one hundred million zillion manhours to complete. We're hoping for a summer 2003 release, which means the infinite number of monkeys on staff will start work any day now, as soon as they've finished up with this Hamlet business.

25 Aug 2001

New Photos and Links!

Photos for episode 2 have finally been added to our Photo Scrapbook, and for those who can't get enough of K. Gordon Murray, check out Rob Craig's K. Gordon Murray link in our Links Page.

01 Jun 2001

Second Episode Completed!

At last! Episode F02 is complete, and finally available for distribution. This time around we tackled a bad 50's sci-fi movie, Invasion of the Animal People, and also threw in our first shorts. For those of you who remember watching Duck and Cover in school, we hope this is a happy trip along memory lane. For those of you who remember watching Plan for Pleasant Living, we hope it didn't influence your home decor.

Our second production continued to propel up the learning curve, and we hope, with episode F03, we will finally get those pesky greenscreen issues resolved.

10 Apr 2001

F02 Production Status

We have finished taping all of the footage for the second episode. Our second show, referred to as F02, is now in the editing and post-production stages. We hope to have this completed and the episode available by the end of this month!

For information about the upcoming episode, consult the Episode Listing.

15 Nov 2000

First Episode Completed

We have recently finished the post-production work on the first episode! The master tapes are complete and we are beginning to make distribution copies and plan the party for the premiere showing. The movie took quite a lot of time to completely edit and composite due to a number of small technical errors. The most confounding was a synchronization problem between our different tapes; somehow one of our tapes managed to experience small timing slips at random points. We corrected for this, and other, errors in the post-production process as best as was manageable. Still, you may notice a few small problems in video synch or audio volume for one or another reasons. All we ask is that you be kind, think of this as our KTMA season, and trust we'll get better at the technical end of things.

Our first movie is Little Red Riding Hood. It's a goofy and incompetent film, which made it an excellent target for our first try at a MSTing. Overall, the quality of our final version is pretty good. (The overexposure and washed colors are in the original film; that's not our fault!) There are places where we can definitely improve, but I think that it's good, both in scripting and technical execution, for a first attempt by a group of untrained fans.

If you want a copy of our first fan episode, see our Notes on Distribution.

25 Aug 2000

Production Status

This weekend we're going to be building the set for Deep13b, the new location of the Mads. We'll be carrying out all the preparations necessary for the final filming session, next weekend. Also, we've reviewed the tapes for the SOL segments and they look pretty good; we're optimistic about the project...

20 Aug 2000

Filmed SOL

We've just finished filming all of the shots for the SOL host segments! Taping went, well, as smoothly as could be expected; we did manage to get all of the footage that we needed. Now it's off to Deep13 and then a long stretch of post-production editing to assemble it all.,,

09 Aug 2000

Production Status

The Satellite of Love set is almost ready for filming. We will be shooting the SOL scenes August 19th. Mike is putting the finishing touches on Tom Servo while Adam is busy assembling and painting Crow. We'll be ready... Sorta...

31 Jul 2000

Production Status

We've basically finished construction of the Satellite of Love set, at this point. Finishing the desk and some trim pieces are the only things that remain.

Also, this past weekend (July 29th) we filmed all of the in-theater segments. That means that the bulk of our footage is in the can already! Now we just need to film the SOL segments (scheduled for August 19th), create A simple Deep13-ish set, and film the Mads segments. Then, of course, there's post-production...

20 Jul 2000

Website Created

The MFT3K web site was originally created on the 19th and 20th of July. It currently contains a cast list, some info about the upcoming episode, and a rudimentary FAQ. Coming soon will be construction photos.