This is our own little tribute to that greatest of television shows, "Mystery Science Theater 3000". Sadly, the show is no longer in production, so we are left looking at the legacy of materials that they produced, including the numerous episodes, the movie, several specials, the episode guide, and more. (See the MST3K Links page to find official Mystery Science Theater 3000 resources.)

However, we felt that it would be a shame if the spirit of the show were left to stagnate. There were still so many movies deserving of satirical commentary! So we formed a group to produce a few episodes in tribute to the original show.

We want to emphasize that this is a fan project only and not an official MST3000 or Best Brains Inc. production. (See the Copyright page for additional notes.) Our goal is to promote the original show through our modest efforts at tribute. (In other words, please buy the official tapes and merchandise!)

So what exactly are we doing? We're trying to produce episodes in the style of the original. We have produced three episodes so far, and are well on the way to producing two more. To see how we're doing, check our Current News page.

We hope that the fans will enjoy our contribution, that we'll add some humor to people's lives, increase the amount of joy in the world, and maybe, just maybe, impress upon people how many phenomenally bad movies there are! Got anything to add? E-mail us at mft3000 AT yahoo DOT com.